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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingAugust 15 - August 21, 2018

Tale of Two Climates

4 Arnolds 88e69By GEORGE L. NITTI

It was the best of times, it was the worst of begins Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities." In the United States, these days you might say it's a tale of two climates—those who are basking in the sun, like the folks in California, Hawaii, Arizona, Florida and others and those who are subjected to extreme cold weather conditions, like the folks working and living in the Midwest, Northeast, Plains and northern Rockies states.

Seeking to escape the colder climate of New York, I gave a call to my brother in San Antonio, who reassured me the temps were a glorious 70 degrees.

"It makes up for the hot summers," he said.

In California, I heard they were having a drought. Then I called down to Florida, if for anything, to be reminded of what a warm summer breeze feels like.

Arnold's Towing, the largest tow company in the Florida Keys, made confirmation that it was indeed balmy and nice around this time, perfectly fine swimming and boating.

"It's 80 degrees. We've got our air conditioning turned on," said Rick Arnold. "We don't mind working in this weather. When it's cold in the Keys, that's when we don't want to go out."

It was hard not to miss Arnold's heavy duty 2008 Peterbilt with a Century 1140 for several reasons. First, the name of their company spanned the entire side of their truck, written on a diagonal, in a font that had creative flair. Done in vinyl black lettering, with each letter hollowed out, matching the color of its white background, it blended nicely with the boomerang designs you will also find on the truck.

"When we designed it, we wanted to make sure our name was clearly visible. You see so many trucks in which you can't make out the company name," Arnold said.

In one of the pictures, you will find Arnold's recovering a Leer Jet off of a runway, which got my attention as well.

"The jet was flown by Jimmy Johnson, an American stock car racing driver for NASCAR. They had closed the airport down and when they flew in, they missed the runway," said Arnold. "Funny we did another jet recovery a few days later on the other side of the runway."

On the boom of the truck you will find the puzzling word "Conchzilla."

"The people that have lived here forever are known as conch. Since this is one of the bigger trucks on the Keys, that's where the 'Zilla' comes in. We put the two together and called it 'Conchzilla.' "

Rick is looking forward to their next heavy-duty rotator purchase.

"We need a bigger truck, like the 75-ton rotator. If I'm not on the road these days, I'm on a boat or in the water and enjoying the breeze in the Florida Keys."

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Full Palette

0 aef08By George L. Nitti

When Jonny May started Jonny's Towing and Recovery in Illinois in 2013, his intention was to establish a business that went above and beyond the call of duty. By building positive relationships and staying committed to his business, he has seen it grow and grow.

Today, with nine locations across the Chicagoland region, Jonny's Towing and Recovery has grown from one tow truck to 39 in only five years.

Part of the credit for the company's success is due to its visually compelling and imaginative graphics, exemplified by one of their standout units: a 2016 Peterbilt 567/Century 1140 RXP rotator.

"It was the best truck I ever bought and the most versatile," May said. "We use it on a daily basis. We wanted to have a visual impact with our trucks. I would describe them as exciting, cool, fun and dominating."

This unit stands out for all of those reasons. The company name takes center stage, in green in a large font on the front and back end.

A palette of explosive colors in yellow, orange, pink and more shades of green in diverse shapes reflect a modern style often seen in the industry. Thick lines, like beams, cascade in several directions. The purple fenders and hood add vibrancy.

According to May, kids love the truck because it includes Mike Wazowski, a favorite character from the animated movie "Monsters Inc."

"Kids love it and mothers take pictures of it all of the time," May said. "Our phone number sits under that graphic."

On top of the passenger side door, the company slogan states, "Get hooked on us."

With graphic design like this, how can one not get hooked?

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