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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingApril 17 - April 23, 2019

Cornfield Maintenance Mishap

0 b5a26by Jim "Buck" Sorrenti

Tri-State Towing and Recovery in Evansville, Indiana, originated as Rideout's Service Center just across the Ohio River in Henderson, Kentucky. They have been serving their area for more than 35 years from their locations in Evansville and Henderson. Gary Crawford owns Tri-State, Eric Crawford is the company's general manager and Terry Hailman is the Evansville manager.

On July 6, 2018, Tri-State was called by a local farmer in Waverly, Kentucky, for a tractor in a waterway that hit a concrete structure.

"The farmer was mowing the waterway between cornfields when he hit a concrete structure," heavy operator Lance Wayne said. "They put these concrete structures in waterways to slow the water down to help with erosion."

Tri-State's dispatch contacted Wayne, who responded with his 2018 NRC 50/65 sliding rotator.

"I contacted the farmer to see the exact location of where the tractor was," Wayne said. "He met me at the entrance and took me back about three-quarters of a mile to the accident site."

Assessing the scene, Wayne saw that a John Deere 640R front-end loader tractor was wedged on the concrete and in pretty bad shape.

"The fuel tank was not leaking but was compromised, the drive line was bent resting on the concrete," said Wayne. "The batteries was crushed and the hydraulic valves were broken loose."

After surveying the situation and noting the damage, Wayne explained to the owner of the tractor that he was going to use the NRC to lift and rotate the tractor to keep the damage limited. He started rigging for the lift.

"I put in a spreader bar to lift the rear and a mini spreader bar in the front of the tractor." With the spreader bars in place, Wayne first lifted the tractor up and off of the concrete.

"Once it was clear of the concrete structure," he said, "I slid and rotated it to the driver's side and then towed the tractor to the roadway where operator Mike Jones was waiting with our Landoll to load the tractor and haul it to the dealer."

No further damage and another job well done.

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