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Town in Rhode Island is considering its rotation
New York shop towing business on ice after inspections
Five-Point Breakaway Vest with 24 LEDs adds extra visibility
U.S. Virgin Islands shop adheres to basics in graphic design
Teamwork takes care of a Jersey rollover
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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingOctober 17 - October 23, 2018

ESTRA to Host Move Over Day

The Empire State Towing and Recovery Association and AAA Hudson Valley will host a public awareness event on National Move Over Day, Oct. 20, at the Taft Furniture parking lot in Albany, New York, starting at 10 a.m. The event will feature a reception where attendees will be able to interact with drivers and specialty vehicles. It will conclude with a procession of first responders, tow trucks and maintenance vehicles that will travel throughout the surrounding area. Contact ESTRA at 888-853-7872 for more details. Source: ESTRA.
From the American Towman News Bureau
Jesse Sensibar. Image - Gabriel Granillo, Arizona Daily Sun

Author Looks at Highway Deaths

Jesse Sensibar spent most of his working life as a towman and said the job was "constantly surrounded by sudden, tragic loss of life." "In my career in towing, you become the keeper of the physical space sometimes in which people die," he said. "You go out on a fatality accident, and you end up with the vehicle, the literal space in which ... somebody or more than one somebody ... has lost their life. In addition, you also see some pretty awful things, some things that are hard to forget, perhaps impossible to forget. ... " Sensibar has compiled a series of Facebook posts and short stories in his book, "Blood in the Asphalt: Prayers from the Highway," depicting some of the fatalities he worked. Source:

STA Academy: [b]Watch Out for Deer!

In a press release from the Statewide Towing Association Academy, the number of deer-related vehicle accidents are soaring, and swerving to avoid hitting a deer is the culprit in many accidents. According to information the academy cites from Claims Journal, if your truck swerves to avoid a deer and strikes an oncoming vehicle or even has a single-vehicle accident that precipitates a secondary accident, your company could be held liable. The STA Academy suggests establishing training and a company policy to address the issue. Source: STA.
Author Looks at Highway Deaths
“Blood in the Asphalt” depicts fatalities towman worked
ESTRA to Host Move Over Day
Special event will take place in Albany, New York, Oct. 20
STA Academy: Watch Out for Deer!
Your company could be held liable in deer-related vehicle accidents

Free TIM Training Offered at AT Expo

A free four-hour traffic incident training class will be conducted by Patrick Rooney, coordinator for the TIM Responder Training Program for the Federal Highway Administration, and Patrick Majewski, Wreckmaster lead instructor, at the American Towman Exposition on Friday, Nov. 16 from 8 a.m. to noon.

The comprehensive TIM training was developed by responders, for responders. It was designed to promote consistent training of all responders to achieve the three objectives of the TIM National Unified Goal: responder safety, safe and quick clearance and prompt, reliable, interoperable communications.

Participants will engage in interactive, hands-on incident resolution exercises. They will learn to coordinate response activities and optimize operations that are vital to responding effectively in the field in building a unified national practice on incident management.

The target audience for this course is all TIM disciplines, including: communications, emergency management, emergency medical services, fire/rescue, law enforcement, towing and recovery and transportation/public works.

Source: AT Staff.
15 Year-old Texas Towman Enters USA Wrecker Pageant @ Tow Expo Dallas

At What Point Unity?

That ol' "unity thing" cropped up again as it relates to the towing industry. A group of towing companies in Cumberland, Rhode Island, will be affected by an upcoming decision by that city's town council related to the town's rotation procedure. (See the article, "Controversy Over Proposed Ordinance," on this week's News Page.)

One of the town council members even suggested to the towing companies that, "If you're unified, I can predict an outcome; if you're not unified, I have no idea," meaning that if the tow companies in question would face the most favorable outcome for them—if they could come together.

In an article I wrote in the current issue of American Towman magazine, I quote Police Towers of America President Ron Myers essentially saying the same thing. He made the point in a recent address that tow companies don't see themselves as members of a $30 billion-$50 billion industry. Rather, individual companies stay locked in their own little space, allowing outside entities, such as municipalities and the insurance industry, to impose their power of being organized and take chunks of the multi-billion-dollar pie.

"We've all been running our businesses in our own little cocoon," Myers said, "and there's been no effort to come together as a group to try to steer us in the right direction."

If some outside the towing industry can see it, why not the industry itself? At what point will the industry as a whole get the message?

--Charles Duke
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ZipsAWDirect 8c609The B/A Rollback tie-down kits with chains systems available from Zip's AW Direct are simple to install and designed to provide a secure, damage-free tie-down. Kits are adjustable to fit any car or truck tire size. It is also available in any strap length and hook combination. Their system includes: four 14' or 18' long straps with chain ends, four short straps with lined eyes, four ratchets with chains and a carrier bag. See all that Zip's AW Direct has to offer at the American Towman Exposition, November 16-18, at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland.
By Don Lomax
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